Who we are:

The bridge:
  • Between manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers in territory
  • Between manufacturers and Health Care Devices in territory
  • Between foreign Pharma companies and wholesalers

The support:
  • To manufacturers and Foreign Companies by service in marketing authorization procedures
  • To manufacturers and Foreign Companies by marketing and sales of Human Medicals
  • To the Health Care Devices by extraordinary Medicals import

Where we are:
  • Our main territory is Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
  • We cooperate with companies in Poland, Hungary and Germany

Our structure
BB Pharma a.s.
Join Stock Comp.

Marketing Distribution and Sales

Biotika Bohemia s r.o.
                                                                                               Limited Comp.
                                                                                            Prague, Czech Republic

BB Pharma s r.o.
Limited Comp.
Martin, Slovak Republic

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Farmacia Martin a.s.
Joint Stock Company
Sklabinka 28, Martin, Slovak Republic

Services and Transport

BB Sluzby s r.o.
Limited Comp.
Čelákovice, Czech Republic