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Dolsin Injection - opioid pain medication that is given by injection to relieve moderate to severe pain 

Morphine Biotika Injection - potent painkiller containing morphine sulfate that is used for severe pain, such as after surgery or for cancer pain 

Natrium Salicylicum Biotika Injection - medication used for pain relief, fever reduction, and anti-inflammatory effects, It contains sodium salicylate and is commonly used for mild to moderate pain


Syntophyllin Injection


Ampicillin Biotika Injection 0,5g, 1,0g

Bitammon Inj. Sicc. 1,5g

Bitammon Plv. Susp.

Bitammon Tbl. 375mg

Cefalotin Inj. Sicc. 1,0g

Cefotaxim 1g, 2g

Pamycon for Drops Prep., plv.

Pamycon for Solution Prep., plv.

Penicillin G Potassium Biotika Inj. Sicc. 1mio, 5mio units

Procain Penicillin G Biotika Inj. Sicc. 1,5g

Pendepon Compositum Inj. Sicc.

V Penicillin Biotika Tabl. 0,4, 0,8, 1,2 Mega

V PNC film coated tabl. 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg 

Vulmizolin Inj. Sicc. 1g

Antirheumatics, Antiflogistics

Natrium Salicylicum Biotika Inj.


Furosemid Biotika Inj.

Furosemid Biotika Forte Inj.


Agofollin Depot Injection

Agolutin Depot Injection

Agolutin Injection

Agovirin Injection

Folivirin Injection

Neofolin Injection

Neuroleptics, Antipsychotics



Analgin Injection

Atropin Biotika Injection 0,5mg, 1,0mg

Sympatomimetics, Parasympatomimetics

Ephedrine Biotika Injection,

Syntostigmin Injection


Oxantil Injection

Pentoxifyllinum Biotika Injection

Electrolyts, solvents

Natrium Chloratum Solutio Isotonica Injection

Natrium Chloratum Biotika 10% Injection

Natrium Citricum Biotika 3,8%


Axerophthol Injection

Calciferol Injection

Erevit  Injection 30mg, 300mg

Injections of  Minerals

Acidum Ascorbicum Biotika Injection 500mg

Calcium Biotika Injection

Calcium Chloratum Injection

Cardilan Injection


Magnesium Sulphuricum Biotika 10%

Magnesium Sulphuricum Biotika 20%